Carefree And Pleasant

The corner of Carefree Hwy and Lake Pleasant Rd doesn't have any services but the riding is pretty nice out that way. Keep heading west to Castle Hot Springs or go north on New River Road. Lake Pleasant Parkway heads south.
TripId=314418 This out and back might end up at the jerky guy's truck for some roadside refreshment. The Lake Pleasant Marina's might be involved but security sometimes seems fussy.
TripID=314551 It's hard to find good routes to the southwest of the Desert Foothills Chapter's starting point at the Starbucks at 4815 E Carefree Hwy. This route has it's problems but hopefully road improvement projects and good timing can mitigate them. From the starting point, head out Carefree Hwy to Lake Pleasant Pkwy (99th Ave). The southward leg along Lake Pleasant Pkwy is unpleasant for several miles. The road is one lane each way and the shoulders are not paved. Traffic can be heavy, particularly with boats being towed to and from Lake Pleasant marinas. But once as far south as West Wing, it gets much better. This route bypasses Thunderbird Park and comes east mostly on Happy Valley Rd before heading north on Norterra and North Valley Parkways.