The destination can be the Riverside Food Mart (small grocery store) or perhaps the RoadRunner Cafe. Either way you're getting out into the country and the foothills. For less mileage, starting at 7th St and Carefree Hwy, cuts out about 4 miles each way. If stopping at Riverside Food Mart (pretty good selection of refreshments) consider using the small park across the road for seating for small groups.


TripID=313891  This is a 42 mile version for the New River destination. 

From the Starbucks on Carefree Hwy just west of Cave Creek Rd, go to Anthem and through the back gate to get to the I-17 access road.    Head north to the destination at New River FoodMart.  Rest, refresh, regroup and then head west under the Interstate at the New River interchange.  A short climb preceeds a 10 mile run of gentle descent (not counting the two washes that split this leg into thirds).  Near the intersection of New River Road and Carefree Highway watch for the sailplanes and ultralights flying in and out of Turf Soaring just to your south. Head west on Carefree Highway back to the starting point.


TripID: 301223 Flat 35 mile loop through Desert Hills, Anthem, and New River.

TripID=298956 This starts and ends at the Starbucks on Carefree Highway near Cave Creek Rd.

Start out heading west on Carefree Highway all the way out to Lake Pleasant Road.  Head north on Lake Pleasant Road passing under I-17 to the Access Rd on the east side of the freeway.  The Riverside Food market is just .25 mile south on the access road.  Continue north on the Access Road to New River Road.  Turn right (east) on New River Road.  The road bends southward and becomes 7th Street before it hits Carefree Highway.  Turn left (east) on Carefree Highway and head back to the start point.